Designed For Performance

Shortest Path Between Destinations

The FibreconX network has been designed and built for the shortest and fastest path between data centres through a new dedicated duct, in some instances reducing paths by up to 30%. Customers buy fibre on the shortest distance - and can scale their network on-demand with guaranteed pricing and capacity.

The New Alternative

Utilising our very own, purpose-built duct network, combined with our industry-leading customer portal 'FUSION', FibreconX offers a new alternative for businesses looking to power their dark fibre requirements both now and in the future. It takes just 40 seconds to qualify, price and activate your dark fibre service.


The FibreconX duct network is constructed with our own high performance, high capacity dark fibre without any retail or access conflicts. We are wholesale only. Our customers can productise their dark fibre and scale their network through our automated online portal, which enables on-demand provisioning and path selection, simple pricing and real-time service performance data.